Our Company – Quality and Experience

Wir verbinden Tradition und Innovation
Bei uns finden Sie bewährte Handwerkskunst.
Mit Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit.
Wir haben unser Unternehmen „Faszination-Metall“ 2003 gegründet. Die ersten Jahre waren wir in Pfungstadt ansässig, seit 1. September 2009 haben wir unseren Sitz in Darmstadt.
Doch unser Handwerk verstehen wir seit über 25 Jahren.
Unser geschultes Fach-Team:
* zwei erfahrene Schlossermeister
* davon einer ein ausgebildeter Schweißfachmann (EWS European Welding Specialist)
* zwei Schlossergesellen
* ein Auszubildender

We Combine Tradition with Innovation

The best in traditional craftsmanship, quality and reliability.

We founded our company “Faszination Metall” (Fascination in Metal) in 2003. For the first years, we were located in Pfungstadt, and since 1 September 2009, you can find us in Darmstadt.

But we have been masters of our trade for more than 25 years.

Our expert team comprises:

  • two experienced master locksmiths
  • one of them is a European Welding Specialist (EWS)
  • two locksmith journeymen
  • one vocational trainee

Das Faszination Metall-Team

You can count on us for all your plans:

  • longstanding experience
  • selected materials
  • projects finished on time
  • flexibility

We are working with different kinds and specifications of stainless steel and aluminum – creating top quality finished products.

Our experienced welders are working with state-of-the-art welding facilities, creating classic craftsmanship and innovative metal construction ideas alike – all the way to designing exclusive façades made of stainless steel elements, from the first planning step to the final mounting on-site.

We put a special emphasis on delivering only top quality.

And happy customers who stay happy are our best reference.